Sick-Stick Black VooDoo whip with remote


Sick-Stick VooDoo Black whip w/controller and remote. Available in 4', 5' & 6' whip lengths. Single and Dual whip applications.

The remote gives you a choice of 20 different light colors, 19 different running patterns, adjustable speed,  and adjustable brightness all at a touch of a button on your remote control. Remote range is approximately 10'. The controller is now built into the wiring & no longer has an antenna for a cleaner look and is more water resistant.

The single output allows you to run only a single whip, the dual output contoller allows you to run two whips in sync. Most other whip brands are never in sync when running different patterns, ours are always identical.

The VooDoo whip is a fiberglass pole wraped with the brightest LED's on the market. These whips use a stainless steel spring mount to absorb the shock when going through the whoops where the clear tube style whips tend to crack & break over time. The spring is provided with a 3/4" long stainless steel bolt which typically is long enough for up to a 1/4" thick mounting tab. Longer bolts are available for special applications. Quick disconnects and Knock down whip mounts are also available for easy whip removal during transport or riding in low lying obsticles. 


  • Item #: SSVDB

Sick-Stick Black VooDoo whip with remote

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