Sick-Stick Dual Black VooDoo whips w/ remote (Two whips)


Dual VooDoo Sick-Stick Lighted Whip        Available in 4' & 6' lengths


Sick-Stick VooDoo Black whips w/controller and remote. Available in 4' & 6' whip lengths. 

Using the remote gives you a choice of 20 different light colors, 19 different running patterns, adjustable speed and adjustable brightness all at a touch of a button on your remote control. With our Dual whips the light patterns are always identical unlike most other whip manufacturers. Our controller is built into the wiring for a cleaner look and we use water-tight twist lock whip electrical connectors so there's never a poor connection.

The VooDoo Sick-Stick whip is a fiberglass pole wraped with the brightest LED's on the market. These are solid mount whips using our stylish & easy to operate Hex shaped Billet aluminum quick disconnect base. Held in place with a 1/4" snap pin, you'll never to loose a whip again.

We have over 40 years off-road experience & know what works best.



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Sick-Stick Dual Black VooDoo whips w/ remote (Two whips)

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