Sick-Stick Dune Series 1/2" Day Whip

    6' & 7'- 1/2" Dune Series Day Whips                             


Sick-Stick Dune Series Day whip. Available in 6' whip length. 

The Dune Series 1/2" Day whip comes in 6' & 7' lengths. It is available in BLACK only and we have limited quanties on these so don't hesitate.  If 6' is too tall for you, these whips can easily be shortened to whatever length you desire by cutting down the fiberglass whip rod with a hacksaw to your desired length. These whips are solid mount whips using our stylish & easy to operate Hex shaped Billet aluminum quick disconnect base that uses the same mounts as our VooDoo Whips. They also interchange with our prior Vertigo & Kozmo model whip bases.  These come with 9" x 12" flags and we periodically change our flag design so it maybe different than pictured. With the 1/2" day whips you can run flags safely up to 3'x5'.

We have over 40 years off-road experience & know what works best.




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Sick-Stick Dune Series 1/2" Day Whip

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